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Join us for the American Cancer Society Pedal to End Cancer Sunday, March 2, 2014!

At CycleINPlace we are here for YOU!

Have you been seriously thinking about shaping up? Or, taking your fitness to the next level? Is your stress, stressing you out?

At CycleINPlace you’ll cycle straight into fitness, as you build an energetic sexy body and a clear focused mind. Yes! CycleINPlace is for YOU! Our cycling classes are thoughtfully planned and professionally executed. We happily welcome anyone, from the novice to the advanced cyclist.

Step into CycleINPlace and feel a seductive energy that will keep you coming back for the “CycleIN” of your life! Our brand new studio is fully staffed and equipped, with all that you need to burn calories and bliss out. Our stadium seating studio, holds sleek rows of state of the art bikes. Our sounds system rocks your world. And our sparkling changing rooms are always there for you to shower off, turn it on, and get ready to seize your day!

At CycleINPlace we build bodies and minds!

CycleINPlace classes strengthen your body and ease your mind. Get in the "zone" and let the music move you. Follow our enthusiastic instructors through sprints, intervals, hill climbs, and more. Every stationary bike is equipped with a flywheel, that controls resistance and mimics real-world terrain. Think cycling is too intense for you? Our highly trained instructors coach you to cycle at your own comfort level. At CycleINPlace, anyone can burn mega calories, tone their body, and most importantly, have FUN!!

At CycleINPlace we build community!

We draw inspiration and motivation from others. So, put yourself in the CycleINPlace’s challenging environment and achieve your fullest potential. You’ll burn and sweat, but you won’t be alone; there are other cyclists on the journey with you too. Enjoy an exhilarating ride at CycleINPlace with a friend and make new friends along the way. 

At CycleINPlace we have one goal!

Deliver to you, the loyal CycleINPlace member, the most energetic cycling experience of your life. And because we have just one goal, we do it better!

Your journey begins today!

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